My Father's Chair

Sometimes at night I'd lie awake

Longing inside for my father's embrace

Sometimes at night

I'd wander downstairs

And pray he'd returned 

But no one was there

Oh, how I cried

A child all alone

Waiting for him to come home


My father's chair sat in an empty room

My father's chair

Covered with sheets of gloom

My father's chair, through all the years

And all the tears I cried in vain

For no one was there

In my father's chair


Sometimes at night, I sit all alone

Drifting asleep in a chair of my own

When sweet, sleepy eyes

Peer down from the hall

Frightened by dreams they cannot recall

Holding them close, calming their fears

Praying they always will say...


"My father's chair sits in a loving room

My father's chair, no matter what I do

My father's chair, through all the years

And all the tears, I need not fear

Love's always there in my father's chair."


Sometimes at night, I dream of a throne

Of my loving God calling me home

And as I appear, He rises and smiles

Reaches with love to welcome His child

Never to cry, never to fear

In His arms; safe and secure


My Father's chair sits in a royal room

My Father's chair

Holds glory beyond the tomb

My Father's chair, my God is there

And I am His eternal heir

Someday I'll share my Father's chair

My Father's chair


~ by David Meece ~


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