“Give me that old time religion, give me that old time religion, give me that . . .” 


Ahh, the good old days!  I can still remember the times, when I was growing up, hearing the adults at church talking about different people who "got religion"  after praying with the pastor. When a person “got religion” it signified that something good had happened.  Their life changed for the better.  Marriages were mended.  Spousal abuse stopped.  The list goes on.


According to my dictionary, the definition of religion is:  Something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience. And the definition of “get religion” is:  to acquire a deep conviction of the validity of religious beliefs and practices and to resolve to mend one’s errant ways.


“It was good for our mothers... It was good for our mothers...It was good for our mothers…It's good enough for me…”


I can still remember when my mom “got religion.”  She was a changed person.  She went about her housework singing hymns or whistling as she turned the crank on the old wringer washing machine.  There was such a change in her demeanor that even my alcoholic father remarked on it.


 “It will make us shout the victory...It will make us shout the victory...It will make us shout the victory...”


There are some who say religion is dead.  My husband and I used to attend a church where the pastor repeatedly stated that religion is dead.  While I understood the context of his statement, I think he was mistaken in his  usage of this expression of faith.


I can’t speak for anyone else.  My religion means everything to me.  My religion and my religious experience are intertwined.  It is my daily walk with my Saviour and a meaningful relationship that goes to the core of my being.  My religion is not dead.  It is alive and well!


I remember when I got religion.  I still have it.


“Give me that old time religion... Give me that old time religion... Give me that old time religion... It's good enough for me...”


~ Written by Nancy, owner Nancy’s Oasis ~

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